We provide full-line sourcing services to companies outside India who wish to take advantage of India’s growing manufacturing base and cost- efficient, quality production.


We concentrate our efforts in the following areas to ensure your sourcing experience ends up smooth, trouble-free, and cost-effective.


We have diversified our spectrum of refrigeration based products and our product portfolio includes


a. Panel Air Conditioners
b. Water, Coolant and Oil Chillers
c. Air to Air and Air to Water Heat exchangers
d. Compressed Air Driers
e. Mold Temperature Controllers


We are industrial refrigeration company that manufacture and supply range of quality  efficient chilling plants. These range of chilling plants are easy to install and are almost maintenance free, and are highly in demand with dairy industry, hotels and best quality chilling plants specially made for energy efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance and compact size which give the same performance for upto long times.

We are present very strongly in the market with our Compact Product called Online and Offline Chilling Plant. These are the standard size chilling plants that will give instant chilling through PHE Plate. Also we offer various size as per Client requirement. We use Eco-Friendly Refrigerants like R22, R134A, R404A, R407C and R410.

We offer most advanced and efficient Refrigeration Systems. The Company has experience in various fields like Breweries, Distilleries, Food Processing and Beverages Industry, Cold Storage Industries. We have also executed a number of Chilling Plant Projects in Middle East/South Africa through an export House.


Panel AC


Panel Air Conditioners used in a variety of control panels mainly used in the machine tool industry. These air conditioners are used for applications other than the one they were primarily manufactured for, for example, they can be utilized to condition any enclosure containing electronic equipment, drives or components which are sensitive to temperature, humidity and dust particles. The standard air conditioners are provided with digital display temperature controllers, mechanical dust filters and use eco-friendly refrigerant, R134a. The complete range of panel airconditioners are CE marked.


Panel air conditioners are also used for applications like cooling of elevator control panels, X-ray scanners, textile units, woodworking machines, and power electronics among others.


Technical Specification of Panel Air Conditioning Range


Model Compressor Capacity (watt) Type Refrigerant Power Supply Power (KW) Amps(A) Dimensions (H*W*D)
HFN000X2AC Reciprocating 600 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.26 2 550*300*200
HFN000X3AC Reciprocating 1000 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.6 3.5 700*350*275
HFN000X5AC Reciprocating 1500 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.82 3.6 950*335*215
HFN000X6AC Reciprocating 2000 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.95 5.3 1400*400*275
HFN001X0AC Reciprocating 3500 Vertical R134a 1PH 1.6 7.8 1400*400*275
HFN001Y0AC Reciprocating 3500 Vertical R134a 3PH 1.5 3.7 1400*400*275
HFN002Y0AC Reciprocating 7000 Vertical R134a 1PH 3.7 16.5 1550*500*400
HFN000X3DC Reciprocating 1000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 0.6 3.4 591+50mm *355+105mm * 490mm
HFN000X5DC Reciprocating 1500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 0.93 4.4 700+50mm*450+105mm*500
HFN000X6DC Reciprocating 2000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 1.1 5.5 700+50mm*450+105mm*500
HFN001X0DC Reciprocating 3500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 1.6 7.9 875*550*550
HFN002X0DC Reciprocating 7000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 2.8 12.3 1150+125mm* 700mm * 650+150mm
HFN003X0DC Reciprocating 10500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 3.9 7.6 1300*125mm+850mm +700+150mm