Press & Tool Safety Devices


MODEL RM 7402/7404


Never fail to catch the eccentric load, the necessities of the quality control !!!


Graphic Load Monitor record and monitor the loads by sights during press processing.

With the technology developed from scrap floating, the new graphic load monitor is coming now. The load condition of die and press machine is very clear by confirming the load of press process by waveform and the management of Load is very useful for the operation and maintenance of Press Machine and Die. 

And it’s the best way for appropriate process, operation and maintenance by grasping the load center, eccentricity load etc. with the measurement of load value.   


  1. Remote Data collection with wireless communication: Bluetooth.
  2. Respond to Maximum 3000 SPM.
  3. Data record with USB memory, maximum to 32GB.
  4. Communication with Machine with PLC through RS 232 C port.
  5. Directly Connect to PC for Plot & Chart

Characteristics & Specification

  1. Monitoring channel has 2ch type and 4ch type
  2. Respond to Maximum 3000 SPM
  3. Data record with USB memory, maximum to 32GB.
  4. Data collection with wireless communication: Bluetooth
  5. Monitoring type:  Standard Value Monitoring or Previous Value Monitoring.
  6. 3 Monitoring modes: Peak Dot Mode, Waveform Mode and   Load Numeric Mode.


Load Peak Dot Monitoring: It’s a standard monitoring function which compares the standard value with every shot’s load. It is optimal for the monitoring of time course variation.

Waveform Monitoring: Monitors with set Monitoring line for standard waveform.It records maximum to 1000 monitoring points.

Load Numeric Monitoring: It displays each channel and total value