India Strategic Sourcing


India has been rising as a prime destination for product sourcing for the companies across the globe. Boosted by the outstanding transformation and growth in various industrial sectors along with the advantage of skilled workers, improving infrastructure and cultural compatibility –the country is turning into a top destination for low cost, high value goods and services. Mark-UP Procurement Services Pvt Ltd offer sourcing services from India through the years of experience in the sourcing industry, we have developed a secure and quickly responsive supply base that is capable of providing best quality, delivery cost, technologies and services to meet the business needs of our customers.


Harnessing the skills of the Indian supply industry, we aim at achieving end goal of cutting cost, reduction in lead time of sourcing process through our value based approaches to offer best optimized and competitively advantageous sourcing solution for our customers.


We offer Strategic Sourcing on following two models


  1. Success Fee Model

In this model, we will work as full time cost saving division of your regular purchase department, we will be paid share of cost saved, only after we will be successful in finding supplier and initiating a regular supply.


2. Fixed Fee Model

In this model, we will provide sourcing solution customized as per your requirement and charge a fixed fee depending upon the work volume.


Scope of Work [Sample]


  1. Understand requirement like Item name, Application, brief specification, target price, quantity and expected saving.
  2. Finding suppliers by passive and active ways.
  3. Run RFI/RFP Process
  4. Comparison Statement Supplier Evaluation & Selection

We can do Strategic Sourcing for following products based upon previous experience.



Power Plant, Petro-chemical Plant, Steel Plant               


  1. Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Other Pressure Parts
  2. Centrifugal Pump, Suction Pump, Positive displacement Pumps.
  3. Insulation material like Rockwool, glass wool, ceramic wool.
  4. Casting – Steam Turbine casing, Rotor Shaft, Large Valve Castings
  5. Valves -Gate, Globe & Check Valves, Cryogenic Valve, Control valves.
  6. Forging- Large Shaft flanges. ring rolling, crank shaft, turbine rotor,
  7. Fabrication - Compressor frame, base plates, reformer parts, module structures, primary reformer parts, Air duct, FG Ducts, Radiant parts, convection module, stack, side wall, end wall material handling conveyors, fan, blowers, storage tank, bag filetrs, silo other general fabrications, EOT Cranes, Jib Cranes.
  8. Steel plates, and rolled sections ,steel tubes, seamless pipes., pre Fabricated Spool, Pipe Fittings
  9. Cooling Tower & Air Cooled, Steam Condenser
  10. Oil Consoles or skids- Filtration, Conditioning , Lubrication
  11. Diesel Generator Sets
  12. Electrical items- Transformer, Electrical Motors, Electrical cables. Control panel., L T/ HT, Switch Gears, Switch & Sensors.

Automobile & Off Highway vehicle and related industries

  1. Turbocharger parts like casing, impellers, shaft, and actuator.
  2. Lighting for motor grader and other automotive products
  3. Engine parts like cylinder block, crank shaft, cam shaft, flywheel, speed governor, ECU, Oil Pan, Hose, connecting rod, alternator, fuel pump etc.
  4. Vehicle Air Conditioners and its parts
  5. Rapid Prototype companies
  6. Aluminum Parts of 2W engine, Plastic Parts for 2W & 4W engine
  7. Machine Tool for Cylinder Block, Crank Shaft, Cam Shaft, Con Rod, Frame Assembly, Die Casting , Die and Molds for 2W engine components.
  8. Machine Tool for Automotive – Localization- Casting for bed and Columns, Panel Cooler & Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Hydraulic Hose, Chip Conveyors, Cyclone Filters, Hydraulic Power pack, Machine Components, Covers, Mist Collectors etc.
  9. Injection Moulding Machine
  10. Auto components manufactured process by forging, casting, sheet metal, machining, molding, powder metallurgy or combination of some of them.