Expediting Services

Expediting is a concept of securing the quality and timely delivery of goods and components. Our expeditor controls the progress of manufacturing at the supplier concerning quality, packing, conformity with standards and set timelines. Our expeditor makes sure that the required goods arrive at the appointed date in the agreed quality at the agreed location.

All of our Expeditors follow the same established procedures, whereby, no matter the geographic location, our clientele can expect a uniform level of service. Our expediting services include a detailed and quantified analysis of the causes and effects of schedule delays. Our expeditors analyze the critical path of manufacturing processes 

Expediting services enable your projects to proceed as scheduled and aid in minimizing delays and costly product deficiency issues.  

We will provide following two type of expediting services.


Field expediting


We provide clients with a comprehensive review of the precise standing of their order and any on site action to rectify any potential problem areas. Field expeditors inspect and control of activities on site. Our expeditor gives clients a comprehensive review of the exact current status of their order and an educated projection of the future planning and status. Furthermore, while being on site, experts for expediting can identify possible problems and bottlenecks that could lead to potential delays.


Desk expediting


We also provide desk expediting or telephone expediting. It is an important tool for producing companies to monitor order progress with manufacturers. Especially at milestone of a project, desk expediting can be helpful to check whether the project is still within the agreed schedule. Although desk expediting is a quick and easy way to be informed about the current status of a project, it should always be conducted in combination with field expediting to securely verify the actual status.