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Mark -UP Procurement Services Pvt. Ltd is the structural, Operational and Technological venture of Mr. Jitender Kumar Dhawan founded with a dream of creating premium- level refined procurement services to unite the potential entrepreneurs on a global platform. The core principal is to constantly provide access to all Micro, Small and Medium-level organizations based in Japan, Europe, UK and USA throughout India. A simple yet interesting concept is implemented to “Empower all skilled entrepreneurs to utilize the negotiable commodities and resources to optimize their overall potential.”  

Mr. Jitender  Kumar  Dhawan  is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with honours from Kurukshetra University with 20 years of vast experience in the diverse field of International Marketing, Purchase & Procurement, Business Development, Import & Export and Custom Clearance & Forwarding inclusive of Event management and Consultancy with prominent brands such as Honda Trading Corporation India Pvt. Ltd, Unilink Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Pvt. Ltd. Prestigious Projects associated with Automobile, Steel power plant, casting & fabrication, oil & gas, fertilizer plant and mechanical parts are accomplished satisfactorily. Mr. Jitender Kumar Dhawan possess a strong association with influential business delegates from Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Singapore as a result of his hard work and commendable contribution.  


With a vast venture of Mark-UP Procurement Services Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Jitender Kumar Dhawan has a dream of providing top- notch procurement services & support to worldwide clientele. Optimized and customized for overall services are the powerful keywords which hold trust for this brand. Increasing profitability at negotiable inputs by utilizing compelling resources is the outcome criteria of Mark-UP Procurement Services Pvt. Ltd.        



We welcome all interested entrepreneurs and from small firms to medium-sized organizations from around the globe to spread their business routing within India. Team Mark-UP Procurement Services Pvt. Ltd would be delighted to lend its professional hand for a complete service.

We hope to have a successful business relationship with you in the near future!  


Best Wishes,

Mr. Jitender Kumar Dhawan