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Air-Oil Coolers are Utilized in Hydraulic application where the required temperature of the oil can be above ambient. Generally Hydraulic Oil from the power pack is passed through the Air-Oil coolers and effecting head transfer. So generally the lowest possible temperature is ambient dry bulb plus 10C for the given capacity flow. The units are also equipped with a digital temperature indicator cum controller. We have the following standard models on offer.


Description Model CM-AOC 15 CM-AOC 30 CM-AOC 45 CM-ACO 60
Capacity in kilo cal/ Hours 1500 3000 4500 6000
Oil flow in LPM 20 30 40 40
Power input in watts 80 120 260 450
Source Both, 230v 1 PHASE 50Hz & 415v 3 Phase 50hz
Cooling fan Axial Fan with basket grill
Dimensions (mm) (LBH) 80 450X225X420 750X325X580 850X350X780
Weight-Dry 18 25 40 55

Different capacity and voltage specifications are available on request