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Preventive Maintenance

We are sole and exclusive Distributor for Kanto Seiki OILMATIC chiller in India. We stock and sell genuine parts of Oil Cooling Unit and Panel Air Conditioners of all brands at a reasonable price. We also provide genuine and Imported spare parts like compressor, pump, fan motor, temerature controller, Inverter PCB Boards, condenser, Power Boards, Evaporator, Heat Exchanger and Capilary Tube for Habor, Daikin, Rittal, Apisete and all other foreign brand chillers in India

The OILMATIC is available for spindle cooling, hydraulic oil temperature control, lubricant temperature control, machine body temperature control, and coolant temperature control.

For spindle cooling, hydraulic oil temperature, and lubricant temperature control

C- series

The design has been renewed, and the conventional MRSC series has been reviewed in terms of specifications, price, environment, and all other aspects to develop an eco-friendly space-saving model.

By newly adopting twin pulse valve control, we have achieved high-precision liquid temperature control over a wide range from low load to maximum heat load.

(Patent: No. 4786960)

CL series

This is a high-precision model with a forced circulation cooling system, Oilmatic, and employs our original “Gas Bypass PID Control”. By linearly varying the cooling capacity to match the heat load, the liquid temperature can be controlled with high accuracy over a wide range from low load to maximum load (Patent No. 5020664).

MLSA/MLSB series

The MLSA series is a standard model of the forced circulation cooling system Oilmatic without a reservoir tank and has been developed for cooling the open spindle head. Refrigerator ON/OFF control is adopted, and gas bypass control is adopted for model 11 and above. The MLSB series, which is a standard model of the forced circulation cooling system Oilmatic with a reservoir tank and was developed for cooling the sealed spindle head, has a structure in which the reservoir tank is arranged compactly at the bottom of the MLSA series Oilmatic body.

For Machine Body temperature control, and coolant temperature control

V- series

The design of the KTV series has been renewed. Like the C series, by newly adopting twin-pulse valve control, high-precision fluid temperature control is achieved over a wide range from low load to maximum heat load, contributing to energy saving. (Patent: No. 4786960)

KTV series

Oilmatic is a type of oilmatic that is mainly installed in the coolant tank of machine tools, etc., and is immersed to exchange heat. Due to the forced stirring effect, the temperature distribution in the coolant tank becomes uniform, and the adhesion and accumulation of chips on the cooling coil are minimized, maintaining stable cooling efficiency over a long period of time.

In addition to specifications with a heater for initial heating, various options such as a tank and a coolant pump are available according to the customer’s request. In addition to coolant liquids for machine tools, it is also possible to control the temperature of various liquids such as water and oil. (Please contact us for the types of liquids that can be used.)


The KTCG type Oilmatic connects the body and the coolant tank with a pipe, and cools the coolant liquid by exchanging heat with the coolant that flows through the cooler provided in the body. If the liquid temperature is lower than the set temperature, a heater for initial heating (option) can be attached for stable temperature control at all times. Both ON-OFF control method and inverter control method are available.

(MRCC series patent: No. 4786960)

For machine body temperature control, and coolant temperature control

W series

The model adopts the inverter control to high-precision control the temperature of “Water” used in the semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and various industrial machines, and like the model for oil, controls the liquid temperature with a high precision over a wide range from a low load to a maximum load. (Patent:No4786960)


The Oilmatic is the automatic temperature control machine developed first in 1965 by Kanto Seiki. This machine is designed for constant temperature control of hydraulic oil used in the machine tool through the year.We adopted the inverter control refrigerator in 1994 for the first time in the industry, and developed excellent energy-saving products.In 2000, we developed the product using new coolant with zero ozone depletion potential, and contributed to the environment.

Spare parts of oilmatic chiller

We are One -Stop Shop, along with repair, we also keep spare parts of foreign brand chillers and panel air condition such as mentioned below

Reciprocating Compressor, Rotray Compressor, Scroll Compressor for OIL Chiller, Panel AC

1. Panasonic,      2.  Sanyo,          3.  New Widetech,       4.  Daikin,         5. Copeland      6. Habor

Reciprocating Compressor

Pump Motor Releif Valve Assembly

1. NOP,                      2. IWAKI,                       3. TERAL

Pump Motor Releif

Electric Moto

1. Nidec-Shimpo Corporation,                      2. Toshiba ,                                        3. Fuji Electric

Pump Motor Releif

Heat Exchanger- Braze Plate

1. ALFA Laval                        2. Swep,                    3. Kelvion

Heat Exchanger

Expansion Valve, Pressure Switch

1. SaglnoMiya,                 2. Danfoss ,              3 . Fujikoki

Expansion Valve

Oil Filter

1. Pall,            2. Hydac Oil Cooler,                    3. Taisei Kogyo

Expansion Valve

Tempearture Sensor, Tempearture Controller, Control Card, Power Card, Display, Inverter Card

1. Oilmatic,                      2. Daikin,                        3. Habor

Expansion Valve

Condenser Coil

1. Oilmatic,                      2. Daikin,                        3. Habor

Expansion Valve

Eletrical Parts Relay, Contactor etc.

1. OMRON.                    2. Schneider Electric,                                 3. Fuji Electric

Expansion Valve