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Oil Chillers are used to maintain precise oil temperature and thereby its viscosity for smooth working in the power packs which are used in hydraulic systems of CNC machine tools, high speed presses and hydraulic powered special purpose machines and hydraulic equipment.COOLMATIC make “Direct -Oil Chillers” consists of an inbuilt gear pump of the chiller which takes oil from your power pack .It passes the oil through the Refrigerant-oil Heat exchanger thereby cooling it. The chilled oil is returned to the power pack.

Further COOLMATIC make oil chillers use state-of-the-art Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) to give you rapid and highly efficient cooling which has following advantages Compact: BPHE’s are around 10 times more compact than their shell-and-tube counterparts. this results in massive space saving.

High thermal efficiency: The flow of refrigerant and oil is counter current. In addition, the plate design facilitates turbulent flow (thereby preventing formation of static oil film) for optimum heat exchange.

COOLMATIC ALSO MAKE OIL CHILLERS are used to cool the following oils:


Coolant Oil Chillers are used to maintain temperature of coolants, thereby maintaining the surface finish and accuracy of the component to be machined.


Spindle Oil Chillers are used to maintain temperature of spindle oil which prevents the deformation of spindle, resulting in better surface finish and accuracy of components.


Cutting Oil Chillers are used to maintain temperature of cutting oil, which improves the life of the tool and provides better surface finish and accuracy of the components


  • Ruggedly designed withstanding high ambient temperature and hostile air suitable for in extremely harsh industrial environment
  • Chillers with built in Refrigeration circuit, water reservoir, transfer pump and necessary controls.
  • Extra large Sized Condenser Coil and Air Filters for operation in High Ambient up till 50 Deg c.
  • Plug and Play type fully factory 100% thoroughly Functionally tested and packaged before dispatching, pre wired charged and piped for easy installation.
  • Advanced Microprocessor based temperature controller with LED/LCD digital display for temperature status and alarm outputs with tamper proof password facility built in the controller
  • Use of latest energy efficient components like Scroll compressors and PHE heat exchangers.
  • Chiller manufactured in state of art facilities along with ISO 9001: 2008 procedures
  • Chiller designed on latest 3D CAD software to ensure components placed for easy access and compact body footprint


Description Model CM-OC 20 CM-OC 30 CM-OC 45 CM-OC 60
Capacity in kilo cal/Hours 2000 3000 4500 6000
Oil flow in LPM 20 30 40 50
Power input in watts 1300 1550 1800 2300
Source 230V 1Phase 50Hz 415v 3Phase 50Hz
Refrigerant R-22 / R-134a / R-407C / R-410a / R-124f
Dimensions (mm) (LBH) 390X525X1000 480X750X1175 550X900X1350
Weight-Dry 55 65 80 85

Different capacity and voltage specifications are available on request