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Electronic and microprocessors based control panels working for different applications like CNC, VMC, Laser Cutting, Machines, Power Plants, Telecom Etc. dissipate heat during operations. If the working temperature of electronic components goes beyond permissible limit the components can malfunction and deteriorate earlier than expected. Panel Air-Conditioner maintain the panel temperature below ambient and absorb the heat generated by electrical & electronic component to avoid entry of dust, dirt and moisture inside the sealed panel the use of ambient air is refrained. We have following standerd models on offer.

COOLMATIC Industrial Air Conditioner for Electric- Room, Operator Cabins, Cranes are designed and developed to meet the requirement and specification of our honorable Clients Each application receives complete engineering review before equipments are chosen or suggested. We abide by our mission of giving utmost quality equipment to our clients. Our Industrial Air Conditioners undergo routine of testing

COOLMATIC PANEL AIR CONDITIONERS protect the electronic components of electronic cabinets against dust, humidity and heat and assure trouble free operations of costly equipments.

COOLMATIC PANEL AIR CONDITIONERS maintain temperature inside the Crane Cab at 22°- 25°C, for human comfort. In Panel-Rooms where outside ambient is 20°- 90°C and highly dusty, the temperatures are maintained around 25°- 30°C


  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Control Panel
  • Drive Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Instrument Panels
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • CPU/Server Enclosures
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Coke Oven Facilities
  • Panels of EOT Cranes
  • Cement Plants
  • Rolling Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Mining Equipment
  • Medical Electronic Equipment
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Gas Analyzer Equipment
  • Crane/Material Handling Equipment
  • Robotics and Automation Equipment
  • Radars & Communication equipment
  • Textile Machinery
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Steel Melting Shop
  • Aluminum Smelter
  • EOT Cranes(Operator Cabin, E-Rooms)
  • Shovel
  • Drag line for Coal Mining
  • Any panel housing sensitive electronic components

Types of Mounting Available in Panel Air Conditioners

  • Side Mounting Type
  • Door Mounting Type
  • Stand Alone Type
  • Roof Placing Type


  • Body is made up of Galvanized steel.
  • Two set point digital temperature controller.
  • Closed loop design, hence hostile ambient air is sealed out of electronic enclosure.
  • Cabinet air is dehumidified.
  • Powder coating / polyurethane paint.
  • Cabinet Air conditioners for outdoor applications are available.
  • Digital display of cabinet temperature and high temperature alarm.
  • 100 % functionally tested.
  • Top quality ball bearing motors result in reliable service.
  • Custom built machine enquiries are also entertained.
  • To manage the condensate coming out of Air Conditioners, Condensate management system can be supplied as option.


Description Model CM-PC 600 CM-PC 1000 CM-PC 1500 CM-PC 2500
Capacity in Watts/Hours 600 1000 1500 2500
Power input in watts 330 645 845 1260
Source Both, 230V 1 Phase 50Hz
Refrigerant R-22 / R-134a / R-407C / R-410a / R-124f
Dimensions (mm) (LBH) 300X300X600 380X254X982 465X300X982
Weight in kilograms 28 40 45 60

Different capacity and voltage specifications are available on request