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COOLMATIC closed loop Water Chillers are used to provide chilled water at a precise temperature to sensitive water cooled equipment. They are designed and manufactured with the latest engineering expertise to work in hostile industrial environment as per process requirements, these chillers are appreciably reducing costs in a broad range of industries.

Our Chillers for process cooling and equipment cooling enhance production processes and lower operating costs. COOLMATIC Water Chillers maintain constant cooling temperature in the equipment right through the year. COOLMATIC WATER chillers come with a focused application design to get the optimum solution to your heat management problem.

Water Chillers are utilized in different industries like Foundries, Machine tools, Plastics, Chemicals, Metal Cutting etc. Our water Chillers are available in both air-cooled and water cooled versions. Water Chiller units are completely factory assembled, wired, tested and shipped as a single package ready for installation. They can be charged with refrigerant R-22 or R-134a / R-407C as per customer requirements. These units are equipped with microprocessor based temperature indicator cum controller


  • Compressors (sealed, semi sealed reciprocator , scroll and screw)
  • Evaporators (Stainless Steel /Copper coil-in-tank, plate type, tube-in-tube & shell-in-tube)
  • Air and water cooled Condensers (fin and tube, plate type and shell-in-tube)
  • Refrigerant R22 /R134a/R407C
  • MS /GI powder coated or stainless steel outer sheet metal body,
  • Inbuilt sufficient fully stainless steel 304/ 316 Grade tank reservoir.
  • Flow and pressure of Water Transfer pump selection based on application needs
  • Refrigerant circuit consists of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve / capillary, sight glass, accumulator, receiver, solenoid valve, hot gas bypass, Gauges and other controls. Anticorrosive no ferrous parts used for DM Water/ Foodgrade/ Pharmaceutical / laser applications.
  • Optional fan speed controller used for operation of chiller at low ambient. Safety devices include – high / low refrigerant pressure switches Anti freeze thermostat, Water level, pressure and flow switch, inline water filter.
  • Built in Electrical control box with MCB, Contactors, Thermal Relay/ MPCB/ Phase Sequence relay and all status/ fault indicating LEDS and audio alarms. State of the Art Digital temperature controller with LED/LCD for precise temperature controlling.
  • Potential free alarm / control signals and interlocks available for Machine – Chiller Interfacing and Remote Signaling.
  • Optional Rs. 232 / 485 communication is also available.
  • High Quality Refrigerant grade copper tubing with internal mirror finishing
  • Unit mounted on C Channels or Castor wheels with lockable brakes for easy movement.


  1. Food Process Industry
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Plastic Industry
  4. Electronic Medical Equipments
  5. Foundries
  6. Laboratory Equipments
  7. Wire Cutting / Spark Erosion Machines
  8. Laser Cutting / Marking Machines
  9. X – Ray Diffraction Spectrometer
  10. Induction Hardening Machine
  11. High Frequency Welding Machine
  12. Hydraulic Press
  13. Pressure Die Casting
  14. Furnaces
  15. Injection Moulding Machine
  16. Plasma Spray Machines
  17. Chemical Process Plants
  18. Dye and Pigment Manufacturing
  19. Pharmaceutical Industry
  20. Electroplating Industry
  21. Anodizing Plants
  22. Food and Beverage Industry

Choice of Evaporators

  • STAINLESS STEEL TUBE COIL IN TANK :Evaporator made of stainless steel tube coil is dipped in stainless steel tank. Stainless steel tube provides better life.
  • BRAZED PLATE EVAPORATOR : Brazed Plate Evaporator is very compact and very efficient, due to which size and weight of the water chiller reduces.
  • SHELL and TUBE TYPE : Evaporate is compact size & applicable for cutting oil. The shell can be removed to clean evaporator coil


Description Model CM-WC 3 CM-WC 4.5 CM-WC 6 CM-WC 15
Capacity in kilo cal/Hours 3000 4500 6000 15000
Oil flow in LPM 10 15 20 50
Power input in watts 1550 2600 3250 7900
Source 230V1O 50Hz 415 3O 50Hz
Refrigerant R-22 / R-134a / R-407C / R-410a / R-124f
Dimensions (mm) (LBH) 390X525X1000 480X750X1175 550X900X1350 700X1180X1350
Weight-Dry 65 80 85 180

Different capacity and voltage specifications are available on request